Gruul’s Lair Cleared

Gruul Killshot

On Sunday night, Draconis Occisoris entered Gruul’s Lair for the first time.  As I was saying in my response to this thread on The Egotistical Priest blog, we teamed up with another guild on the server to accomplish this task.  Neither of our guilds had ever been inside Gruul’s Lair before, and on top of that, our two guilds had never raided together before.  After a couple hours of learning the High King Maulgar pull, and several “Mage tank is dead, run out” and “Felhounds are running around owning the healers,” we got a clean pull and downed the High King himself.  After splitting the loot between guilds, we moved on to the Dragonkiller.  On our second attempt (after certain people figured out how Shatter worked), we killed Gruul with 2 healers and an Elemental Shaman still standing.  Gruul killed our tank at 1% and proceeded to one shot all of our dps until he fell at the shaman’s feet.  For our efforts, DO earned our first DST.

As you can imagine, the eruption on vent and raid chat was quite an event, as everyone came together to accomplish our goals.  The rush of healing through a new boss fight is indescribable and can only be experienced first hand.  I quickly learned that it is easier to trust your fellow healers and learn from our mistakes, than to worry about it non-stop and let it alter your gameplay.  I found out that it is better to let people make mistakes so that we can work on them together, instead of stressing myself out about covering for other people’s mistakes so that they never learn to improve.


~ by Birkin on February 11, 2008.

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