Beneficial Addons: The Holy Trinity

Many people use addons or mods to enhance their game-play.  Personally, I am a huge fan of addons, and i have replaced almost every aspect of Blizzard in my interface.

Since I have so many addons, I need a way to easily track, modify, update, and configure all of them.  In order to do this most efficiently and effectively, you will need 2 addons and an easy to use application.



Many people, myself included, are a huge fan of Ace mods.  About a month and a half ago, Wow Insider posted an article about Ace explaining why Ace addons are the latest and greatest in addons.  Here is a snippet of their article:

“Ace was created because many different mods have to use the same types of basic functions. With ordinary mods, these basic functions would be written and included with each addon. With Ace, this basic functionality is packaged into a single library that all Ace mods use. What this means to non-programmers is that Ace mods use fewer system resources, because they all use a the standard Ace code, which is loaded once for all of the Ace mods you have. If you’re using non-Ace mods, these basic functions are loaded separately for each addon you have — and the more addons you have, the more this adds up. (On the flip side of this, if you only use one Ace addon, you don’t gain any benefits, but if you use all Ace addons, a little efficiency improvement in each can result in a big difference.) For the programmers in the audience, Ace means you can write your addon quickly, because you have immediate access to basic Ace functionality (you don’t have to reinvent the wheel — you only have to write code for what you want to do).”

If you are using a non-Ace mod, there is a good chance that there is an Ace alternative with the same functionality as your current one. 

By using this application, you can install, uninstall, and update all your Ace mods with just a couple clicks of the mouse.  Whether you use 1 Ace mod or 100, WowAceUpdater is an application that will save you time and effort.

WowAce1     Wowace2     WowAce3

Addon Control Panel (ACP)

ACP Screenshot

With ACP, you will no longer have to log out of the game to enable or disable your addons.  This mod adds a button to the escape menu, called “Addons.”  It will bring up the same menu, in game, that you normally find on your character selection screen.  This is beneficial for a couple reasons.

ACP In Game

For one, it saves you time from having to log in and out to tweak addons.  If you’re not in an inn or capital city, there is a potential of saving at least 20 seconds for logout time, each time you have to adjust. 

Another reason is that you can adjust addons without missing any guild chat or whispers.  The only time you will miss it is when you are finished enabling or disabling and you click the box to “Reload UI” for the changes to take effect.

Overall, this is another time saver and convenience for anyone with a love for addons and you can download it here.



Once you have installed and enabled all of your addons, it is now time to configure them.

Deuce Commander is an in-game addon configuration consolidator.  Deuce provides an easy to use drop down menu that provides links to all of your mod configuration pages.  Now you don’t have to remember any more “/” commands or clutter your minimap with tons of icons for your other mods.  Deuce is your one stop configuration shop for the addon lover.

Here is a link directly to the download.

Deuce Commander, along with ACP (and hundreds of other mods) are both Ace mods, and can be installed and updated via the WowAce Updater.


All in all, if you are looking to build an addon empire, attempting to streamline your addons, or even just looking for useful tools, these three enhancements are the building blocks to successful addon management, and will provide you a lasting foundation to build upon throughout your WoW experience.


~ by Birkin on February 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Beneficial Addons: The Holy Trinity”

  1. Ooooh… I didn’t know about Deuce Commander… I’ll have to check that out. Bah.. I think I have way too many addons … But I don’t care!!! Muahahahaha..

    Well.. On another note, this is a great article. Lots of good information for people just starting out with mods or even ones like me who have been using them for a while.

    WoWAceUpdater FTW!

  2. […] by Fimlys on February 29, 2008 I just finished reading a post, Beneficial Addons: The Holy Trinity over at Birkin’s Brain. It is a great post about WoWAceUpdater, Addon Control Panel (ACP) and […]

  3. […] assignments for a raid.  This is an Ace mod, that can be managed using the tools explained in my previous post, and can be downloaded […]

  4. I’ve already been using the ace updater but I’ve been meaning to grab something like ACP with all the addon swapping and evaluating I do. It would be really nice to be able to just shut something down if you’re in a raid and find something is just hosing you or really distracting. Thanks for the link!

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