Halazzi Put to Rest


This past week, Draconis Occisoris went back into Zul’Aman to attempt a boss we have never tried before.  We quickly did the timed event for Nalorakk, the Bear Avatar, and moved on to attempt to get a second chest in the timed event.  We came upon Akil’zon, the Eagle Avatar, a bit too late as our only wipe came at the end of the gauntlet due to an untimely Tempest pull.  Even though we didn’t get the second chest, we still managed to one shot Akil’zon. 

Usually at this point, we head towards Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk Avatar, but tonight we decided to add another boss to our list of progression kills instead.  We have never attempted Halazzi before, but we decided to make the clear towards him.  The lynx trash is much easier than the dragonhawk trash.  There seems to be much more, but on a couple occasions we accidentally pulled two groups at once and weren’t really in any fear of wiping at all.  I think that an additional pack in the dragonhawk trash would have been trouble.

After clearing up to Halazzi, the Lynx Avatar, we took a minute to discuss strategy before the pull.  After a couple of pulls to see what the fight was about, Halazzi went down relatively easy.  I would have to say the learning curve is a lot quicker for Halazzi than Jan’alai.

I am looking forward to heading back into Zul’Aman on Thursday with our guild, and hopefully take on all four of the Avatar bosses, now that we have killed them all as a guild, and head on to Hex Lord Malacrass afterwards. 


~ by Birkin on March 4, 2008.

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