Solo Healing Kara

Every week, Draconis Occisoris takes one night a week to do a full clear of Karazhan.  We kill everyone from Attunemen to Prince, and it usually only takes about 3.5 hours (we hot swap guildies for certain boss drops).

 Well, last night when I was attempting to log in for raid, I wasn’t able to connect to our server.  I could log in, but when it came to the character selection screen, it just froze there.  Well I knew it wasn’t an ISP issue because I quickly logged into Ventrilo.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with the problem.  Several other people were complaining that they could not log in either.

After 20 minutes of attempting, I was finally able to log in.  It was just in time as it was around 6:20 server, and we start at 6:30.  To my surprise, we only had about a dozen people logged in the game at that time.  I was the only healer. 

“Officer channel: Birkin…you up for it?”

I’m confident in my healing abilities, and I shoot my mouth off a lot usually, so I was psyched up that I finally got to prove it and show people the real deal.  We entered Kara with 2 tanks, 1 healer, and 7 dps.

I’ve solo healed Attunemen before, so I wasn’t worried about it.  Heck, our tanks barely need heals at this point.  Attunemen dies.

“Officer channel: You think you can handle Moroes?”

I am thinking at this point that Moroes will be cake.  My renews are good enough healing for garrote victims, and I have mods to watch my HoTs, so I can keep them active at all times.  After explaining to the AOE classes that it will be much easier to have only one person to heal during trash to Moroes, I appointed one of them to get a dps head start on the rest of the aoe so that I can basically chain cast to keep them alive.  Any swapping targets, and someone will likely die.  This strategy was successful, as we were quickly to Moroes.  Moroes is promptly killed.

“Officer channel:  As the solo healer, I request we kill Maiden first before Opera this week.  I can easily heal Big Bad Wolf, likely heal Romeo and Juliette, but Wizard of Oz is going to be a problem.  Might as well kill a guaranteed easy mob first.”

Maiden was easy to do as we had an elemental shaman with grounding totem in the caster group, and a shadow priest capable of handling the majority of the dispels so that I could focus on healing.  Maiden went down on the first try, as expected.

“Officer channel: Please don’t be Wiz of Oz. Please don’t be Wiz of Oz.  Please don’t be Wiz of Oz.”

Let me start by saying that I suck at running from Big Bad Wolf.  Although, this was the one I was hoping for as it would be the easiest to heal, by far.  Thankfully, we got the Big Bad Wolf event.  I promptly ask for a soul stone, as if I do mess up on kiting, then we’re screwed. 

“Come here little girl!” **BIGWIGS: Birkin is Little Red Riding Hood**

Oh boy…

I started kiting BBW around the room and decided to “play it safe” and chug a swiftness potion really quick.  Well, the plan sort of backfired on me as I ended up running TOO fast and allowed BBW to cut a corner and kill me. 

It’s okay though because at this point he’s at about 25% and I still have my soulstone.  I pop back up and we win.  WHEW!

“Officer channel: Curator or Nightbane?”

Why did tonight have to be the night when, explaining the Nightbane fight, our recruit hunter asks, “You said Misdirection…do you mean Distracting Shot?  I don’t have that talent.”


After showing the hunter where in his spellbook Misdirection is located, and explaining how it works (sigh), we summoned Nightbane.  All was well until he landed after the 50% phase.  No misdirect and a dps that’s not paying attention = our first wipe of the night.  After reiterating how Misdirect works, we killed Nightbane on the second attempt. 

I was quite happy with myself at this point considering I don’t have any drops outside of T4 content (including crafted and BoJ), and I’m sitting at 2400 +healing and just solo healed a boss that we used to bring 4 healers to when we first started killing him.

“Officer channel: I can’t wait to see how fast we kill Curator!”

Basically 9 manning Curator (our Recruit/Friend/fill-in hunter had less dps than the prot MT and was running around like a chicken with his head cut off the whole fight, for whatever reason), we managed to kill Curator in 2:09, a guild record.  He was under 10% when he came out of his first only evocate.  I am tempted to bring in 8 of our regular raider dps next time to attempt to kill Curator before he ends his Evocate.  THAT would be cool.

“Officer channel:  Birkin?  What next?”

Well, we’ve come to the point where my arrogance confidence has hit the reality wall.  My biggest concern was Shade.  I know that it can be a lot of healing output.  I was semi-confident that I could heal Illhoof.  I was somewhat concerned about me getting sacrificed, but I figured with 2x soulstones and a battle rez, it would likely be possible.  I knew I couldn’t solo heal Netherspite.  The caster in the Blue beam takes tremendous damage alone (Although in hindsight I could have had the 2 warlocks take it and drain life the whole time).  I was pretty confident that Prince would be easy too.  If it’s a good attempt with nice infernal positioning, just have the tank sheild wall during phase 2 to ease the healing load. 

While I was willing to try it out, after talking it over with the guild leader, I decided that if there WAS a fight that I couldn’t solo heal, then we’re going to have to come back the next night and do this over again anyways, trash and all.  Instead of risking the chance to unnecessarily wipe the raid, I decided to realize that it’s likely best for the raid to call it at this point.

Needless to say, that solo healing 6 bosses in Karazhan was one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.  I feel as if I’m at the top of my healing game, and it feels great.


~ by Birkin on March 6, 2008.

7 Responses to “Solo Healing Kara”

  1. /salute to you, my fine healer!
    An inspiring and well-written story.

  2. Very awesome!

    Thought I hope the hunter was turned down… Heck, my hunter is 58 and I know what Misdirection is and how it works!

  3. My guild started with 3 healers for Kara and just recently started dropping to 2 for power runs. I’d love the opportunity to try my hand at soloing a couple of those fights, though I’m just cresting 2000 +healing at the moment. Well done!!

  4. […] here, but I still keep them handy just in case.  I actually used full consumables when I had to solo heal the first six […]

  5. Awesome write up. It’d be impossible for me as a Holy Pally to solo heal much, however, I have just about Solo Healed Attuneman on my second run through since our other healer DC’d. Excellent story none-the-less.

  6. gz to you! i just startet healing at kara but i need 2 support healers do solve it. maybe later also solo^^

  7. Wow. I am impressed. I have been running it, (2104 +heal unbuffed Spirit Priest) with myself and a resto, 1 pally tank, and 7 DPS for a while. We have been testing our hand at solo healing trash, but have not attempted any of the bosses yet … it appears to be much harder for him to do than me, but it’s nice to have the safety net in case things start to go wrong.


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