Void Reaver Disassembled


Draconis Occisoris has done it again!  We have added another boss to our progression list.  This time, with our first T5 kill. 

After a quick 45 minute Gruul’s Lair clear, we decided to test the waters take to the air, and give Loot Void Reaver a try. 

During the trash clearing to VR, our 4th tank disconnected and never came back online.  Seeing as how VR is suggested to be a 4 tank fight, and we had no others online, we decided that we would still finish clearing to VR and “practice” movement and positioning for the next time we could actually get a clean attempt in.

Our first pull we were able to see exactly how the orbs worked.  After promptly wiping and rezzing the group, we formed up for our second “practice” round, with only 24 in the raid.  We had several dps down by the time VR was at 50%, so we reset the fight to save from having to run back. 

Now that we had all seen the fight 2 (maybe 3, can’t remember) times, we were getting much better at avoiding the orbs.  One of our last attempts (because trash from before Alar was about to respawn), we had 24 in the raid and we got Void Reaver to 10% when he enraged.  We were all very impressed that we could do this in the first night of real attempts.

Thankfully, we were able to rez without having to run back and encounter the respawns.  At this point, one of our resto shamans logged online and was able to come help out on our last attempt.  Even though we didn’t need an 8th healer, we used him for the threat reduction that his totem brings.  We put him with our very threat capped shadow priest and mages, allowing them to put out more dps, and that was enough to bring Void Reaver down on our last attempt for the night.

Overall, I was very impressed by our tanks being able to put out enough threat to where we only needed 3 tanks for this fight.  I think we did very well for a practice run!

Void Reaver


~ by Birkin on March 10, 2008.

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