Beneficial Addons: Heal Organizer


Heal Organizer is an addon that allows you to quickly and neatly assign healing duties.  This tool will help streamline the healing assignments and should be used by all raid leaders, healing officers, or anyone else that may need to help out with healing assignments for a raid.  This is an Ace mod, that can be managed using the tools explained in my previous post, and can be downloaded here

The slashcommands are all under “/ho” or “/healorganizer”

The first thing you want to do after installing the mod is to create a macro that says:

/healorganizer dialog

Place this macro on one of your hotbars for quick access, instead of having to remember to type that command each time you want to make a change or broadcast the assignments.  Once you have the GUI up, you can start the process.  

You can create titles for up to 9 fields in Heal Organizer.  They are prefilled for you to give you an idea of what you can name them.  I like to put in the names of the tanks, specific people that are going to need healing, or a duty, in each of these fields.  Just click on the title to bring up a box that allows you to rename it.  Once you choose the title, click Save to enable the changes.


Once you have created your titles, you can drag player names from the left column to their particular assignment for the fight.  The list will let you choose from EVERY Priest, Paladin, Shaman, and Druid currently in the raid, regardless of spec, so be careful who you assign a duty.


The next field that you need to fill in is the “Remaining” field.  This is about half way down and it’s pre-filled with the text “ffa.”  In this field, you can type anything you want.  This will be broadcast in your messages.  You don’t have to use it for the remaining healers that you didn’t assign.  I like to type something like, “Confirm Assignment with Birkin” so that when my healers read it, they can let me know that they got their assignment.


Now that you have the assignments set up the way you choose, you can click “Save As” to bring up a box where you can give this setting a name.  This way, you don’t have to set up the titles every time you come to this fight.  You can just choose your previously saved data, and fill in the healers next time.  If you end up making a slight tweak to a saved setting, just click on “Save” for the changes to take effect.

HealOrganizer6     HealOrganizer7

The next thing to do, now that you’ve made all of your titles, given assignments, and noted any other comments, and saved your selection, is to broadcast this to your raid.  If you click the button at the bottom that says “Raid,” this will automatically send multiple lines of text to your raid channel.  It breaks it down into multiple lines, so it is easier to read.  You can also broadcast this to a specific channel, if you have a specific one set up for your healers.  Just type in the channel number in the “Channel” field and click the corresponding button.  Also, you may choose to select the option to “Whisper healers their assignment.”  If you do this, along with the raid or channel text, you will also automatically send everyone with an assignment, their duties. 

HealOrganizer8     HealOrganizer9

Also, as you see in the chat box, the last line says, “Whisper ‘heal’ for your assignment.”  This means that anyone in your raid can whisper you the word “heal” and it will send them a whisper back with their healing arrangement.  If they are not a healer, or not assigned anything, it will tell them so. 

 Since I am in charge of healing assignments for my raid, I use this as a crutch.  There’s nothing worse than having to deal with macros or whispers to your healers individually.  This addon has made my life so much easier, and I fully recommend using this if you think you’ll ever have to give out a healing assignment.


~ by Birkin on March 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Beneficial Addons: Heal Organizer”

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  3. Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . 🙂

  4. Just a question just started using this addon any way i can get a healer say for group 1 to be able to be listed in the dispel section as well as this is handy for LK

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