What Do You Pack?

Over at Blog Azeroth, the author of Shifting Out posted about consumables they bring to raids.  After reading their post, I found that I am not the only one who has half of their bag space taken up by needed raid consumables.

Since we’ve been farming Karazhan for endless months, I no longer use consumables here, but I still keep them handy just in case.  I actually used full consumables when I had to solo heal the first six bosses. 

Now that we’ve been spending some time in Zul’Aman and tinkering around in 25 man content, I am fully buffing myself to give us the best chance of success.  Ever since DO started Kara way back when, I have kept a full stock of raid consumables handy at all times. 

Bare minimum in my bags:

5x Flask of Mighty Restoration

5x Flask of Distilled Wisdom

20x Elixir of Healing Power

20x Elixir of Mastery

20x Elixir of Draenic Wisdom

20x Golden Fish Sticks

20x Blackened Sporefish

1x (5 charges) Superior Mana Oil

20x Super Mana Potion

10x Super Healing Potion

40x Heavy Netherweave Bandage

100x Sacred Candle (Fortitude/Spirit/Shadow all use them)

These items ensured that I could perform at my highest at any given moment.  Now that we are starting T5 content, I usually bring an extra 20x Super Mana Potions, 20x +stamina food, 20x mp5 food, and 1x (5 charges) Brilliant Mana Oil.  This, along with all my extra gear, assures that I am prepared for ANY situation, and can manage my buffs accordingly.

When 2.4 comes out, I’m likely going to be bringing along some Elixir of Mastery since there are going to be changes to how mana regen is calculated.

 Is this extreme?  Is this the norm?  What things do you consider essential?

[e]Added new consumables since 2.4


~ by Birkin on March 13, 2008.

One Response to “What Do You Pack?”

  1. I rarely use flasks, and when i do, I only carry 1-2 on me, This would likely change if I had an alchemist though. Always carry 20+ Mana pots, no health pots but a stack of Netherweave bandages.

    I don’t use the Superior mana oil, I make and use Brilliant Mana Oil which is far superior for a priest.I always have 10+ Draenic Wisdom and Healing Power as well, and carry both Sporefish and Fishsticks depending on the situation.

    I as well solo heal Kara, I do the full thing, the only problem we have is on Moroes, this is due to have only one tank as well. This issue is the threat I build up, but having a hybrid cast a couple heals in that first 20 seconds works wonders and havent had a problem doing it.

    1 Tank, 1 Heal and 8 Dps make it a very fast Kara run.

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