Healer Tips for Karazhan

For the past six months, Draconis Occisoris has had Karazhan on “farm status.”  Every week for the past 25 weeks, all bosses have been sent to their deaths, and I have been apart of the vast majority of kills. 

During this time, I have been an officer and a healing organizer for our raids, and have seen what works, and what doesn’t in any given situation.  Due to my extensive experience healing Karazhan, I’d like to offer tips for all healers (from a priest point of view). 

Before I get into tips for each boss, I’d like to reveal the single, most useful, Priest macro for Karazhan.  This macro is for ALL priests, and not just those healing.

/cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead

When the mobs are marked, quickly set your focus target to your shackle mob, and mash the button associated with this macro.  If you are in the beginning stages of Karazhan, this will turn your Moroes fight into a mindless feat.  The reason for the stopcasting is, generally, your first priority will be to keep your mob crowd controlled.  If you are in mid-cast, this will stop what you are doing to re-shackle your responsibility.

Tips for Bosses

I am going to assume you have read up on all your fight strategies and you know how the fight mechanics work, so I’m not going to include these in my tips.  These tips are for those people who already know how the fight is supposed to work, but need something to make their lives easier.

  1. Attunemen – Do not use HoTs immediately before transitions.  During the transitions, you should cast Prayer of Mending (PoM) on the pickup tank, then Fade until they maintain aggro.
  2. Moroes – Use the Shackle Focus Target macro provided above.  HoT Garrote victims and use a HoT timer to keep track of when you need to renew the HoT.  By casting a HoT on Garrote victims, you can “fire and forget” to keep them alive and maintain healing on your assignment.
  3. Opera – Big Bad Wolf – Fear Ward the tank.  Cast Power Word: Shield (PW:S) and PoM on Little Red Riding Hood, then spam cast heal them and ignore overhealing.  This is a short fight and you don’t need to worry about mana.  It’s even shorter when you can keep your raid alive during the debuff.  If you’re bad at running from BBW, use a Swiftness Potion to give you extra run boost.  Wizard of Oz – Set Dorothy to your Focus Target so that you can see who she targets.  As soon as she targets someone, start casting a low rank heal on that target.  During your cast, change targets to her next victim.  Repeat the process.  This is the easiest way to be a proactive healer during this fight.  Romeo & Juliette – Focus Target Juliette.  Hit “V” to see health tags above mobs names.  This will allow you to see both mobs’ health bars at once and you’ll know if you need to conserve mana (if they’re going to respawn) or not.
  4. Maiden – Run into the Concentration Aura before she casts Repentance on the raid.  This will break yourself out of the stun and be able to continue healing.  HoT the melee and use PoM on the tank every cooldown to help heal melee.
  5. Nightbane – Fear Ward yourself.  Your tank should be a warrior for this fight and will be able to stance dance out of the fear.  As a healer, not getting interrupted is key to this fight.  Cast Fear Ward on yourself before the pull, so the cooldown will be up sooner.  When Fear Ward is used, Undead should use Will of the Forsaken right BEFORE fear is cast again.  This will prevent you from being interrupted, instead of having to use it AFTER you’re already running around.  Don’t use HoTs while Nightbane is in the air if you can avoid it.  The reason being is that your HoTs might not wear off until after he lands and you’ll get aggro.  If you HAVE to HoT someone, ask them to right click it off of them before Nightbane lands.  PoM your tank before Nightbane lands to give him a bigger buffer on threat.
  6. Curator – Use low rank heals on the raid.  The spawns don’t do that much damage.  This will help conserve mana if you are somewhat light on DPS.  Use Shadowfiend on Evocate as it will fully restore ALL of your mana.  If your guild is still going through multiple  Evocate phases, save it till Evocate #2 if you can get away with it.  If the raid is topped off on healing and you just used Shadowfiend during Evocate phase, help DPS as you won’t be able to spend your mana fast enough.
  7. Shade – Focus Target Shade.  Use a low rank heal (Greater Heal 3 or 4, depending on your +heal.  It should be around 4000) for Shade’s victims.  By having Shade as your focus target, you can see who he is targeting at all times.  Click on Shade’s target, cast your heal, then change to Shade’s next target while casting.  Your 2.5 second heals should land right after they take damage if it’s a Fireball or a Frostbolt.  If it’s Arcane Missiles, do the same thing, but follow it up with a Renew.  You can tell if his cast was interrupted or not because he will immediately target another player.  If you start casting on someone, and he immediately changes targets, you should do the same.  If you have to run, PW:S, PoM, and Renew his targets until you can stand still again.  After running out of Arcane Explosion area effect, take a couple steps forward again so that you can gain line of sight on your raid.  If you stay in the alcove, you many not be able to see them.
  8. Illhoof – Watch Raid Warnings for Sacrifice victims.  Keep the center green circle clear as much as possible so that it’s easier to see who is being Sacrificed (if for some reason you missed the raid warning) as you also have about one second to target that person before the Demon Chains effect appears on their avatar.  You can use this time to quickly target them if you have issues finding them on your raid frames.  Focus Target the Warlock or person doing the AOE so you can monitor their health at all times.  Cast PW:S on the AOE to give them a second of uninterrupted casting.  If you gain healing aggro on any of the imps, Fade should fix this easily.
  9. Netherspite – It is a good idea to have a dedicated healer for the Blue Beam soaker, unless it’s a Warlock with Drain Life or a Shadow Priest with Imp VE.  Even then, they’ll need tons of healing, especially if they let the debuff stack too high.  Stand as close as possible to the center of the room so that you can have range on as many people as possible.  You don’t have to worry about being in melee range, just so long as you’re not in danger of getting in the way of a beam.
  10. Chess – If you are playing a Healer piece, make sure the Pawn in front of you is moved so that you always have an escape route to move out of AOE effect on your tile.
  11. Prince – Stay out of 30 yard range of Prince at all times.  An easy way to check this is to target Prince and see if your Wand icon is greyed out or not.  If you can wand Prince, you’re too close.  If you have to move a far distance due to infernal drops, do not move the entire distance without stopping, if you can help it.  Run a little bit, use a quick heal, then run again.  If you can’t stop running, then make sure to PW:S, PoM, Renew, and even Circle of Healing if you have it.  This is especially important during phase 2 when the tank can take substantial spike damage.  Use PoM often to help tank aggro, as many of your dps will be threat capped if you get lucky with infernal drops and don’t have to move much.  When Phase 2 hits, spam heals.  At this point you can throw overhealing out the window because if your tank dies, you have to start over.  If you have mana left at the end of this fight, you didn’t spam heals enough in Phase 2. 

Overall, this is an overview of tips that I came up with to help Priests and healers with turning Karazhan into an effortless night of raid healing. 


~ by Birkin on March 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Healer Tips for Karazhan”

  1. Great list. I’m about the same place as you, though I heal as full Discipline (41/20/0). I’ll add a couple things especially from a disc point of view:

    Attumen: PW:S yourself after they join up to absorb his charges, but don’t do it until the tank has aggro.
    Moroes: /agreed. Focus macros in Kara are incredibly useful for Priests. We go in with a disc and a shadow priest usually, which makes this fight all but trivial.
    Romulo and Julianne: Power Infusion your top caster DPS when one is about to die to let him even out the HP difference if it’s gonna be close.
    Maiden: We are almost never are without a pally for this fight so him using Salvation is usually enough to buffer the Repentance but I could see if being helpful sometimes. I am usually focusing on dispelling and keeping HoTs up which help when stunned too.
    Nightbane: /agreed. Avoiding too many HoT’s while he is about to land is key.
    Curator: /agreed. Nailed it.
    Aran: Great idea for using focus to watch for his victims; can’t believe I never thought of that. Also, you can dispell the slow off yourself when he does his arcane explosion and Power Infusion whenever it’s up as there is no chance of DPS pulling hate.
    Illhoof: I find it enough to watch for the debuff on raid members to know who is sacrificed and call it out to my other healers. We usually cluster in the circle to make sure loose imps don’t go running out of AoE range. Either way don’t have your healers too far away. Also, PW:S yourself just before the sacrifice to buffer yourself in case you are taken. Pain Suppression is great here for the same reason.
    Netherspite: Definitely have everyone as close to him as you can to stay in healing range.
    Chess: /agreed
    Prince: You are so right about spamming healing in phase two. In fact we got to the point where I would barely heal phase one at all and spam GHeal to catch those damn flurries. Power infusion the top DPS for phase two to make it go by quicker and pain suppression the tank to ease the transition.

  2. Those are great tips Thuenderman!

    On Attunemen, if you stand right behind the mounted pair, you actually won’t get charged at all. When Attunemen mounts Midnight, I’ll call out for everyone to stand at 6 o’clock and we all move up.

    I fogot to include dispelling slow on Shade. I usually dispel anyone I see that gets a late start out and might catch the AOE.

    Great tip on Illhoof. I’ll remember to PW:S myself next time. I usually pop my Battlemaster’s trinket at that point too, just in case I get sacrificed. We usually stand on the outskirts of the circle instead of the inside, but same effect.

    Thanks for the input!

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