Beneficial Addons: Highroller


I found the Addon on Curse Gaming. This mod basically allows you to /roll 80+ EVERY time!!! If you’re ever in a PUG, you can basically guarantee your epic. Check it out!!!Here’s a quote straight from Curse!

This AddOn uses an advanced algorithm to time your roll requests to the server in order to increase your average roll value.Note that the addon is rather large due to the advanced algorithm. It has to take many things into account including your Name, Class, Race, location, and guild (among other things).I have done everything possible to increase the efficiency of the AddOn by Aceing it (since Ace makes stuff so much faster).Note that despite this, the AddOn is still about a tenth of the size of Atlas.I’m not sure if its completely legal (though they say anything that can be done in the default UI is), so download it quickly before its taken down!Note: Due to initial calculations, you may be locked out of your UI for a bit the first time you roll after installing the AddOn

The MMO-Champion team posted these instructions to configure HighRoller to gather information from the server and get your rolls sky high:

1. Download and extract the mod in your usual “World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/” directory.
2. Enter the game and calibrate the mod by doing the following :
– /random 100 (5 times)
– /random 200 (5 times)
– /random 1000 (10 times)
3.This should be enough to detect everything needed on the server, if your average /random 100 value is below 96 just do a few more /random 1000.”


Ok people, it’s not a keylogger!  It’s the most amazing April Fool’s joke ever.  I saw the writeup on WoWInsider and although I knew it was a joke, I had to see what it did!  I’m telling you, if you’re up for some good entertainment, you can still check this Addon out.  I posted it on our guild forums and got a kick out a few guildies that fell for it.

Now I’m debating on if I should add it to the Beneficial Addons quick links!  😀


~ by Birkin on April 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Beneficial Addons: Highroller”

  1. wth does this actually work?

    Looks a tad keylogger’ish to me 😛

  2. Nope, not a keylogger. I installed it this morning during downtime. It works as intended.

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