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Greetings everyone,


 Rei chillin' with ThrallI am Reianshin (call me Rei). 

I am, as Birkin mentioned, a guildie of his and a fellow officer in Draconis Occisoris.  I have been playing a mage for about 3 years now (Is it painful to anyone else when you write how long you’ve been playing, or is that just me?).  I also have a 70 priest, a 67 paladin whom I’m hoping to level to 70 shortly, a 65 hunter (retired) on another server, and a few (much) lower level alts.  





I am happily living with Chiann, another player in the guild, who enjoys computer games as much as I do.  She has two children, who I’ve effectively adopted, a girl (14 years old) and a boy (11 years old).  Needless to say, that can make for interesting raid nights, putting kids to bed right as we reach Magtheridon.


I also have an MBA in Finance from the Kelley School of Business, so I know there’s plenty to life outside of World of Warcraft.  I play because I like the people I play with.  I am in the best guild in the U.S. (he said modestly) and it has some of the best people who play the game in it.


I’ve been playing computer games since I was about 13 and I walked into a store (We had an old Apple IIe at the time) and saw Wizardry.  I loved that game.  I spent many hours playing it and others.  Bard’s Tale, Ultima, King’s Quest.  I loved those old game series.


More recently, I played Diablo II (and I am quite looking forward to the eventual release of Diablo 3), Dungeon Keeper 2, Civilization (pretty much every version), and Sierra’s city-builder games.


I began playing World of Warcraft after a friend I worked with convinced me to try for 10 days.  Until that point I had a strict policy ‘I’ll pay to get the game, but I won’t pay to play the game.’  So much for that policy.  Though, at this time, I am managing to hold myself to one game that I pay to play.


When discussing the game with Zzirad (the friend who got me into the game), I remember thinking, ‘A mage!  That sounds like just too much fun.’  Hence, my first major character was a mage.  And while he has been frustrating at many times, I have been satisfied.  Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to PvP to rank 9 (Legionairre) back in the days when PvP was ranked, to raid most of the old world raids (ZG, MC, Ony, AQ20), to start several collections (Rei collects non-combat pets and exalted reputations, my priest collects mounts, and my paladin is looking for something to collect,.  Suggestions are being taken)


Now, as a guild we’re raiding Serpentshrine Cavern, and have recently downed Leotheras.  We’re hoping to be in Black Temple or Sunwell Plateau before the expansion comes out, and I believe we have a reasonable chance of it.


On this blog I expect that most of my posts will focus on the mage character.  I expect that I’ll also post occasionally about the paladin, or the hunter classes as they’re the next two that I know best.  I may occasionally post about the priest class, though with Birkin here, I doubt I’ll be able to say anything he hasn’t already said.  Occasionally I’ll also post about guild-related things  That’s how I expect things will go for my posts here.


So, that’s a bit about me.  Tell me about yourself.


~ by Jack Shot on July 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Reianshin Intro”

  1. Hi there! another mage blog! Thats awesome. I don’t know, but a few months ago there didn’t seem to be many mage blogs at all around. Just druids and palas and hunters and priests all over the place. At least it seemed like that. Especially druids for some reason.

    Suddenly I see mage blogs everywhere! Don’t know if I’ve been blind or we’re just all suddenly started to raise our voices.

    Anyway – nice to see your blog, I’ll be back to it!

  2. Very nice!!

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